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DriverSource Porsche Billet Triple Disc Carbon-Carbon Clutch by RPS Performance Products.  Includes Steel Flywheel and all hardware and instructions for installation.  Requires use of the short release bearing sleeve on the transmission (available separately).

This clutch is, simply put, the best clutch for holding big power and offering excellent drivability.  Smooth engagement and gentle on drivetrain components yet able to hold 1500 ft/lbs of torque, there is nothing on the market that can even come close.  Weighing in right at 30lbs complete, it is significantly lighter than the OEM dual-mass setup (~47lbs) yet still heavy enough to aid driving in stop-go traffic without looking like an amateur behind the wheel.  There is no shimming required with this clutch unlike some other Carbon-Carbon clutches on the market so you do not need to worry about removing the transmission every 1500-2000 miles to shim your pressure plate for proper engagement.  It is also fully rebuildable.

Pedal pressure is comparable to stock and the clutch can be used with either the stock hydraulic assist system or the GT2 style slave cylinder conversion.  We recommend using a GT2 style slave conversion for the best feel and consistency when driving but we’re happy to offer recommendations based on your setup.